While private equity investments can be rewarding, as evidenced by superior long-term returns relative to other asset classes, successful PE investing requires a unique skill set.  A properly executed PE deal is complex, time intensive, and requires rigorous due diligence, negotiation, and management.  Investors must negotiate their rights and remedies up-front, undertake an evaluation of the business model and financial plan, perform reference and background checks on management, review and test business assumptions, and consider contingency plans and exit strategies. Palmetto Capital is an experienced advisor with the expertise to guide the investor through every step of this process.

Why hire an advisor?

Don’t be “a penny wise and a pound foolish.” While private equity is becoming more mainstream, investors must consider several factors before investing:

  • Do they have access to top investment opportunities and managers?
  • Do they have the skill-set to properly evaluate and execute transactions?
  • Do they want their PE approach to be pro-active to find the best opportunities or re-active and hope that the best opportunities happen to find them?
  • Do they have the resources to manage a portfolio of PE investments?
  • Are they being offered fair terms and conditions?

Our goal is to assist clients in accessing an increasingly important asset class in order to diversify their portfolio and achieve superior long-term returns. We help clients make well informed investment decisions through objective critical analysis and thorough due diligence. We offer a full range of services for clients who have an interest in mergers and acquisitions but do not have the capabilities to assess deals in-house. We have an extensive network for generating deal flow and offer ongoing management support and resources for existing and prospective investments.